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anyone familiar with prestashop and magento2?

anyone familiar with prestashop and magento2?

`i apologize if i have posted this in the wrong place. Im a prestashop user and after a few months managed to learn how to custom design my own template but found my payment gateways werent available for prestashop, so now i have to start again using magento2. Today's my first day just having a look around at the features and i feel like a fish out of water. I've watched the you tube videos and read documentation but still feels like a different language is being spoken as prestashop is so different from magento2.


Im attempting to create my own custom theme, in prestashop this was done in the back office where you simply "copied files" from your stock standard theme (replicated the theme) but changed the name and it was done, however I see magento2 is very different. Iv found the "frontend design" folders but i cant see any of the themes main files (luma and blank) that i can copy from, but it says this is where i should create new themes?


Also in the tutorials most people have gone to "content" and under DESIGN it says configuration, however i dont have a configuration option here. im using Magento2  ver 2.0.13


Is there an easy type of program that simply takes your prestashop theme template, and converts it into magento2 ... i dont think there would be as the file systems are so different, but no harm asking right Smiley Very Happy


Re: anyone familiar with prestashop and magento2?

Documentation how to create your own theme can be found here. It details how to create your own theme by extending the Magento/blank theme which is the recommended practice.


You can find the Blank theme in /vendor/magento/theme-frontend-blank.


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