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hyva What do you say about the themes?

hyva What do you say about the themes?

hyva What do you say about the themes?


Re: hyva What do you say about the themes?

Hello @bruce2004dedba 


  • Hyva is a popular Magento theme framework that provides a modern and flexible foundation for creating custom Magento storefronts. The Hyva framework is designed to be easy to use, highly customizable, and optimized for performance and user experience.
  • Hyva provides a range of pre-built themes that can be used as a starting point for creating a custom storefront. These themes are designed to be fully responsive, meaning they adapt to the screen size of the device being used and are optimized for fast loading times and smooth user interactions.
  • One of the key features of Hyva themes is their use of modern front-end technologies, such as CSS Grid and Flexbox, which enable more flexible and responsive layouts. Hyva also includes a range of custom Magento widgets, such as sliders, tabs, and accordions, that can be easily added to pages using a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Overall, Hyva themes offer a great starting point for building custom Magento storefronts that are optimized for performance, user experience, and customization. However, as with any theme or framework, it is important to carefully evaluate the features and requirements of your project before selecting a solution and to ensure that any customizations are done in a way that is maintainable and future-proof.


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Re: hyva What do you say about the themes?

Hyva is a Magento 2 theme that is designed to improve the performance and user experience of an e-commerce website. Here are some of the benefits of using the Hyva theme:


  • Improved site speed: Hyva is optimized for speed, which means that your website will load faster, improving the user experience and reducing the bounce rate.
  • User-friendly design: Hyva has a clean, modern design that is easy to navigate, making it more user-friendly for your customers. It is also responsive, meaning it will look great on any device.
  • Customizability: Hyva is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your brand's needs and preferences. You can easily change colors, fonts, and layout options to create a unique look for your website.
  • Better conversion rates: With its user-friendly design and optimized performance, Hyva can help increase your website's conversion rates, ultimately leading to more sales and revenue.
  • Reliable support: The Hyva theme is backed by a team of experienced developers who provide reliable support and updates, ensuring that your website stays up-to-date and runs smoothly.

Overall, if you are looking for a high-performance, user-friendly e-commerce theme for your Magento 2 website, the Hyva theme could be a great choice for you & If you are looking for best Magento 2 Hyvä Theme Development Company then Evrig is your answer.

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Re: hyva What do you say about the themes?

@bruce2004dedba wrote:

hyva What do you say about the website themes?

The Hyva theme offers a modern, minimalist design with fast loading times and improved mobile responsiveness. It also includes several customization options, such as a drag-and-drop page builder, customizable product grids, and pre-built widgets and content blocks.

Re: hyva What do you say about the themes?

Hi Bruce,


Hyvä Themes are an excellent option for online businesses that want a faster, more lightweight, and easier-to-develop-with frontend for Magento 2 ( Adobe Commerce ).


They are built using a modern technology stack, including AlpineJS and TailwindCSS. Plus its fast performance leads to a better user experience and improved SEO.


If you plan to launch your Magento 2 store, you can team up with Webkul to develop Hyva theme extensions and solutions for your business.




Re: hyva What do you say about the themes?

@bruce2004dedba , Hyva is the new Magento frontend architecture that has been built entirely from scratch. It focuses on the latest technology and reduces development dependencies for the developers. 

If you are an agency and want to implement it for your Magento customers, don't have a second guess. And the same applies to merchants as well. 

You can find more details here if you want to explore more:

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Re: hyva What do you say about the themes?

Hello @bruce2004dedba,

The Magento Hyvä Theme is a modern and performance-focused theme designed to enhance the user experience of Magento-powered e-commerce websites. Known for its speed, simplicity, and flexibility, the Hyvä theme development services optimize storefronts for high performance and improved loading times.

If you have an e-commerce store then contact MageAnts for Hyvä compatible Magento 2 extensions to maintaining the high-performance, improving navigation, expanding payment options, and enhancing the overall user experience.

Re: hyva What do you say about the themes?

Choosing Hyva for theme development is a game-changer. Their expertise ensures visually great, responsive themes tailored to your brand. Elevate your online presence with Hyva's cutting-edge solutions. Explore the endless possibilities of theme customization with Hyva Theme Development services for a website that not only captivates but performs seamlessly. Trust Hyva to transform your digital space into a visually compelling and functionally robust platform.



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Re: hyva What do you say about the themes?

I think the themes are fantastic! They offer a wide range of options to suit different preferences and styles. The attention to detail and Vproapk customization options make them stand out. Overall, great work on the themes.