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install a theme - same old [old] problem

install a theme - same old [old] problem

so do clean install of magento [v1.9].. goto install a theme


no problem [laughter] login to admin/ goto system/magento connect/magento connect manger - login to magento connect manager...


go to


pick a theme - lets say classic theme - login as you should get key etc and given the following

magento-community/wp_theme_grayscale (which i know will not work from previous experience)


so try magento_absolute_theme_free which works with v1.* (well ok 1.8.1)


or even


I've had this SIMPLE BASIC problem before and still the theme install  url does not work you either get couldn't resolve community manager or some ssl error ..


error 1

community/Mobile_Shoppe_Responsive_Magento_Theme: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to


error 2

magento-community/wp_theme_grayscale with error Couldn't resolve host 'magento-community'




seriously? after all this time and it still has issues?


Re: install a theme - same old [old] problem

wow so i add a reply noting an edit and it gets deleted? instead of answering the issue? looks like its bye bye again to magento and just use a different solution that just works out of the box....

Re: install a theme - same old [old] problem

Why did you post about 1.9 on the Magento 2 forums?  The Magento 1.x theme forums can be found here: