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size of magento 2 banner slider

size of magento 2 banner slider



I have installed magentore banner slider on my magento 2.1.2. The problem is that I don't know how to control the height of the slider that is too big for me.

I have created a slider name "slideshow" in the back end with 3 images size 300px x 300px each.


In my layout I have put:

container name="ves-slideshow" as="ves-slideshow" label="Ves Slidehow" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="ves-slideshow page-main" before="main.cont


In my home page, design section, I have one container calling  a block (I have nothing in content section):

<referenceContainer name="ves-slideshow">
   <block class="Magento\Cms\Block\Block" name="block-slideshow">
               <argument name="block_id" xsi:type="string">block-slideshow</argument>


In the block-slideshow block, I call the slider:

{{block class="Magestore\Bannerslider\Block\SliderItem" name="bannerslider.slidercustom" slider_id="slideshow"}}


The slider works well, at the right place in the page, but fills the entire container which is too big (1170px high as far I can see).

I would like to control the size of the slider and I don't know how to do.

Can you help me ?


Thanks for any help