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Add and remove product images per store view

Add and remove product images per store view

At first some background information to understand my problem:

I'm programming a product import for two different languages in Magento 2. Therefore I'm using two different store views which present the languages. In my code I add all data for each language/store view within a foreach loop. Everything works fine apart from adding and removing product images via media gallery.


First I try to remove the current product images with the following code snippet


$mediaGalleryEntries = $mageProduct->getMediaGalleryEntries();
if ($mediaGalleryEntries) {
    foreach ($mediaGalleryEntries as $key => $imageObject) {

After that I add the images



if ($imagePath) {
    $mageProduct->addImageToMediaGallery($imagePath, ['image', 'small_image', 'thumbnail'], false, false);


My code causes two problems:

  1. the images seems to be saved "globally" and not per store view. I've set the store view before with 
    and it works fine for all the other attributes I set within the import process.
  2. The images don't get deleted reliably. I tried to debug the $key and there I could see, that my program just find images in the first store view. I always got the keys 0 and 1, but the code only deletes one image.
    With the next import i got three images. And if I start the import again it seems that two images are deleted, because the number of images then remains.