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Advanced Search Multiselect results

Advanced Search Multiselect results

I have an Attribute "Material" Typ "Multiselect" with some options.


The Problem now is, that when I'm in catalogsearch/advanced  and click on "Material" Option "Silver" And "Gold", the result should be now "all Products which has Silver AND Gold".


But the result is: "all Products  which has Silver OR  Gold".


Does anyone know where i can set the search statement or does anyone know an other solution ? 


Re: Advanced Search Multiselect results

Hi @cembo90

Thats a tough one. Almost all search extensions run with considering each visitor applied tag in filters as an OR function and each word in a Multi Attribute Search query as an AND function, with the magic sauce finally in what products to show on top, to minimize clicks and reduce time to view a product.


If you do find one, please do share. While the search extension from Tagalys works as shared above, I am interested in knowing more about your used case and share it with our dev team to make that a client configurable option, if it can scale.