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Any questions about Magento 2?

Any questions about Magento 2?

Hey guys - doing an interview with Vinai Kopp today who is building which is like laracasts for Magento 2. He's a veteran in the Magento world and I'm sure can answer most m2 questions that you would throw at him. Also if there are specific requests for video content for him I can pass those on.

I'm not gonna link to the interview because I started getting down voted for that I guess for self promo but if you post questions in here I'll ask him and report back.


Re: Any questions about Magento 2?

This is not a programming question, but a frustration, so I'm not sure if this is a good question for him (it's more of a request)

I import spreadsheets to upload products (through StoreManager). In order for me to associate my simples to my configs after importing, I first have to create a dummy product (select the configurable attributes, go to the next step and create a simple product) THEN I am able to "Add Products Manually" then remove the dummy product I created. It's mind-numbingly tedious. I'm hoping that Magento can allow that "Add Products Manually" to appear after you select the configurable attributes.

I'll try to post a video because I'm not sure that made sense.