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Attributes for filtering

Attributes for filtering



my products has several technical spezifications.




I want to have a filter in product list view:

A dropdown to show all products with Smart Codec = Support H.265+/H.264+


I think this calls attributes?

Attribute-Set: Video
Attribute: Smart Codec
Attribute values: [Support H.265+/H.264+, ...]


Is this correct?


The products are not configurable .. they just have technical properties.

But I have different kind of products ... so not all are surveillance Kameras and other products has compelete different Attribute-Sets.


At the frontend I want a filter like:


Attribute-Set (collapseable)

Attribute (collapseable)
Values (to choose) 


Is this possible?


Thank you!




Re: Attributes for filtering

Yes Using Attribute option value you can show filter in listing page.

By default Related Match Option of products display in layer navigation.

You can display Any attribute value to Collapsible or open option value using code.

You are doing correct for listing filter.

Filter in list page will display for any type of product like configurable,bundle,simple etc...

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