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Backorder Message - Can it be customized?

Backorder Message - Can it be customized?

backorder message.PNGCan the above message notification of back-order be customized? If so, where?


I've seen multiple posts saying

"This backorder message is comes from Item.php file 

file path:-app/code/core/Mage/CatalogInventory/Model/Stock/Item.php" 

but I am unable to locate that file path within our cPanel File manager. 

What could I be missing? Is there a plugin to customize this that would make things simpler? 




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Re: Backorder Message - Can it be customized?

You need to check below location to find your text message,

vendor/magento/module-catalog-inventory/Model/StockStateProvider.php at line no. 197

Translation Message:


You can also override using en_US.csv file in your theme or module level by below line,
At theme level,

app/design/frontend/{Vendor}/{themename}/i18n/en_US.csv file,

"We don't have as many ""%1"" as you requested, but we'll back order the remaining %2.","string to change your message"

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