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Block sub categories from Google for SEO

Block sub categories from Google for SEO

Hi. I own a retail site, February 2018 we changed over from a bespoke backend to Magento2, we have a very large menu with a lot of categories and sub categories. We are in the sports trade. If you hover over our menu it will open up, if you click on a section it opens with the sub categories. If you click on a main category, down the side there will be 4/5 subcategories.


if you view the source code of this main category page you will see the sub categories of every other category and sub category links on the site. So for example kit is a good keyword for us, on the actual main page this may appear 6-8 times but in the source code it shows over 600 times, a lot of these are in the form of the word WebKit in the backend but there are a lot from the other categories. I am no expert with Google but I do feel I have very little chance of ranking for the keyword kit especially as there are other keywords that we use to go with kit in the same situation.


I have looked at one other Magento site and they had the same problem. There is another site, I am not sure if it is Magento or not that has the same problem but they seem to have some code that blocks out the offending words from the source code.


Is there a way I could get a developer to sort this problem out for me. Either by using some code to block it from Google or removing the menu from the source code so that Google only takes into account what is on the actual page?


thank you in advance.

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Re: Block sub categories from Google for SEO

Hi John,


Can you provide a link so I can review?


SEO & SEM Management Specialist from Melbourne