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Building an Online Auto Parts applicattion

Building an Online Auto Parts applicattion

Dear Allan, 


I have been trying to build an application for Auto Parts selling and I have found some issues doing the relations like this:


Brands > Model > Version; at this point everything's y tied among them, what is means that is static data


Then what we need to do is to use a SKU for severals years and several models; an example of this should be like this:


SKU = 000001 can be fit into a "Chevrolet Brakes Pads SILVERADO 2007" but also can be use for a "Ford Brakes ¨Pads Explorer 2009", with this what we look is to depicts that one SKu can be used for several cars on different years. 


The idea is to press:


Brand > Model >  Version >  "At this point we don't know how to do the relationship"