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Bulk Edit Product Names

Bulk Edit Product Names

Hello Folks,


     I have a Magento 2.1 store that I've recently upgraded from 1.9.2. It went a far better than I had imagined, but there were a lot of community tools that helped along the way.


     Anyway, now I'm stuck with a dilemma. I have several thousand products with attributes in their title. This is the way the store was when I got my hands on it last year. Many of these attributes have very similar text in common. What I'm trying to figure out is if it's safe to run a MYSQL query on the database to find these particular stings and remove them. 


    I am guessing I would change them in catalog_product_entity_varchar, and then re-index to replace the entries in the catalog_product_flat_*, but I just wanted to make sure first. Of course I'll make a nice backup before hand, just looking for some reassurance here.