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Bundle Product options as thumbnails or swatches

Bundle Product options as thumbnails or swatches


I have a sofa

It is a frame + 3 cushions that we sell as a set.

We have cushions in colors red green and yellow.

What I want to do is 

Create a bundle that has 

Option 1 - Frame

                  Products FRAMESKU - Qty 1

Option 2 Cushion


Green-cushion Qty 3

Yellow-cushion qty 3

red-cushion qty 3



Instead of word choices for colors, I want to show a color swatch.


Instead of no image, I want to flip the main image based on the option chosen. So when someone chooses a green cushion, a sofa frame with green cushions shows up.


I can do this without the images now - but I need to show customers the actual color (red, green, yellow are examples only).

And I dont want to do this configuration (choosing color) without seeing the main image, but rather on the right.


Is this possible? I think it should be but I would like some help. 

Thanks very much in advance.



Re: Bundle Product options as thumbnails or swatches



Have you ever thought of using custom options instead, where options have images and are associated to other products?




Re: Bundle Product options as thumbnails or swatches


COuld you clarify what kind of product (simple, configurable, bundle) you are suggesting I use the custom option on?



Re: Bundle Product options as thumbnails or swatches

Hi Sam,


I mean a simple product with custom options. Check the M2 Dynamic Product Options extension -

You add radio buttons on the form. Then upload thumbnails (images) for each radio button. Associate the radio buttons to other existing products. Enable quantity on the option level. When customer selects such an option the associated product's inventory will be deducted after checkout. I.e. All the same you have in the bundle product you can create based on a simple one with options and using the above extension.



Best regards,


Re: Bundle Product options as thumbnails or swatches

Good suggestion Roman,

We are trying to figure out if it will work. 


Our end objective is to have the items broken out  - so that our packing list will have a line for frame and a line for cushions. We may ship the cushions separately...


I believe if we use custom options or configurable attributes, I cannot break out the frame and the cushion.


The bundle product with the ship separately call does the right thing for us, except for giving a visual thumbnail on the cushion color, and if possible the main image.


Since we are reaching into the product to get the option name, I am wondering how one might be able to reach in and get the product thumbnail as well.



Re: Bundle Product options as thumbnails or swatches

Hi @samreg,

If you are using Magento 2, Bundle Option Image for Magento 2 extension is the most suitable solution for you in this situation. This module allows showing all thumbnails next to product names in options, your customer can easily know what the children products look like.

Hope that this module will help you!