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Call external SOAP 1.2 API in Magento2


Call external SOAP 1.2 API in Magento2



we have a project where we need to connect to an external webservice within Magento2 Community Edition and send orders and client information over and take out inventory stock data for the Magento2 shop.

We are provided with the wsdl.xml, the existing soaphelper.php and the soapclient.php written in php 5.6 of the actual shop system of the client.

How can we connect easily from Magento 2.1 to the webservice and send data?

We only know it vice versa where we connect from outside to the Megento API.


Thanks for your help.


Re: Call external SOAP 1.2 API in Magento2

Hi @matthias_mair,


Maybe you can create a custom module and then use events to capture when the order is placed.


You could push the data from Magento to your API with an observer then.


Something like that?

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