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Change Bundle Product Layout


Change Bundle Product Layout

I have a question... I am selling snorkels and mouthpieces, and you can choose to buy a snorkel with a mouthpiece for a cheaper price in a bundle. Thus I created a bundle product. My problem is that the layout of this bundle product is not user friendly at all (Magento Luma Theme), since I basically do not have any configuration and the +0,00€ and not adjustable quantity is confusing. What I want is just a checkbox above the "add to cart"-button like I would have in a customizable option (cannot use that because I want to keep track of mouthpiece stock).


Where and how would I have to make changes to achieve this kind of layout?


I also sell a necklace in 2 different lengths and a pendant, also in a bundle. There I could imagine a radio button for the necklace length.

I hope, somebody can help me out here.

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Re: Change Bundle Product Layout

No one?