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Chinese translation question

Chinese translation question


Hi,I meet a question that I install a Chinese translation package according to uses composer to install refer the commands:

cd <your magento path>
composer require magento2translations/language_zh_hans_cn:dev-master
php bin/magento cache:clean

 After installing the Chinese translation,I see my error as the above picture.One item shows '1%' is "Search Engine Optimization",but I check the file zh_Hans_CN.csv,there has right translation ‘"Search Engine Optimization",搜索引擎的优化,module,Magento_Backend’ and '"Search Engine Optimization",搜索引擎的优化,module,Magento_Catalog'.I don't know where is wrong.Can anyone help me solve this question?Thank you very much!


Re: Chinese translation question

After update all the "1%" such as ""%1,1%"  to "%1,%1" translation in zh_Hans_CN.csv and clean cache.The problem of some  product items in Chinese language show with "1%" can be solved.