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City Dropdown

City Dropdown

Hello everyone!

Magento 2.1.9:

I need to add city as dropdown, how can i do it?

also need to add shipment calculation (state and city as dropdown and after select show price) in product page.

Please help me

Thank you in advance


Re: City Dropdown

u may try plz test before use


Re: City Dropdown

Magento 2 City Dropdown Extension

You can get this extension here

Re: City Dropdown

Most this be an extension, can't we have a guide like this of state.. >> 

Re: City Dropdown

Have you tried this Magento 2 extension?


This extension allows the store admin to manage(add, edit, delete, bulk import) regions/states & cities, converts text-input city field to the select dropdown in checkout address (shipping & billing) & customer address pages for both storefront and backend.