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Configurable Product generates millions virtual products

Configurable Product generates millions virtual products

I'm trying to use Magento2 to sep up a shop but I reckon I'm doing something wrong from architectural point of view.


I would like to sell tailored shirt with the following customisable options:
- 10 collar styles available;
- 10 neck sizes;
- 10 cuffs available;
- 3 wrist sizes;
- 5 shoulder sizes;
- 5 chest sizes;
- 30 button styles;
- 80 fabrics available;


Once I created singularly all these attributes, I've create an attribute set that include all of them.

These options will affect the final price.


I tried to create a configurable product so to provide an UI/UX where customer can select each one of them and order his own tailored shirt.


However, this approach ended up to generate millions of virtual products.


How do you suggest to approach this scenario?

All the solution are welcomed, native and custom coded.


Re: Configurable Product generates millions virtual products

Hi Olimpio. 


Virtual instead of simple products were created because you have not set the weight before the generation. Depending on this fields Magento 2 makes the decision of product type (is weight - simple, no weight-virtual). 


Concerning a multitude of variations, the flow is correct. If you have 3 sizes and 4 colors, you would have generated 12 unique SKU combinations under this configurable product. If you have multiple attributes with values, you will get hundreds or even millions. 


If you do not need to track inventory separately for product with definite variations, but for you configurable product serves more as constructor, you may consider creating custom options. You can check this article to compare functionality of simple products with custom options VS configurable products (since from front-end for user they will basically look the same). 


Hope this would be helpful.