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Configurable product and individual stock

Configurable product and individual stock

I sell xenon headlight sets like this


Set includes three different type of ballasts:

- 35 watts normal size

- 35 watts smaller slim size

- 50 watts normal size


Bulbs 15 different sockets and every type can be 35 watts or 50 watts and also every bulb can be in different color temperatures 4300K, 6000K and 8000K. So there are 90 different bulb types.


In configurable product customer selects first ballast type, then bulb socket and last color temperature.


I don't have prebuild sets, I only have individual ballasts and bulbs in stock. So when customer orders one set, webshop should deduct from stock 2pcs selected ballasts and 2pcs selected bulbs. Of course I sell ballasts and bulbs individually too. And if customer orders D2R or D2S xenon set, also two D2 adapter wires shoud be deducted from stock, and when H4-set is ordered, then H4 adapter wire set should be deducted.


How we solve this issue?