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Configurable products and SKU codes


Configurable products and SKU codes



I am setting up a new store and need some advice.


Like many, my store will have products that come in various colours and sizes.


I can see how to display a page that has a simple product that has a drop down for each of the varianty, size and colour.


But I then want to display a page that displays just the black cars, and this page has just one drop down for sizes.


How can I do this using the same products and SKU codes as the page that contains them all?


Re: Configurable products and SKU codes

@gary_cottam it seems  like you are using simple product with custom options for sizes and colors. However, you can also use configurable type in case wanted to manage stock of size and colors. (Just suggestion).


So, your concern is you have wanted to use same products but with different options, for one page show both sizes and colors and on second page just one drop down. Is it ? if so, then either duplicate that product Or make some customization so can use same product. Hope this helps.



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