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Consumption tax management

Consumption tax management

Hi everyone,

I would need to manage on the Magento 2.3 e-commerce (Community Edition) a tax calculation according to consumption (separate from the VAT calculation that is managed with the Magento Tax Rate Percent Standard).
The tax is a parameter associated with a class of products and is calculated at the time of order based on the quantity of product purchased:
- X products have a consumption tax of a€ per milliliter purchased
- Y products have a consumption tax b of b€ per milliliter purchased
etc ...

This calculated consumption tax has to be shown in the order (one for each product line in the details, and final total as a summary of all single calculated tax) and in the invoice just for a group of customers. For this reason, it should be managed as a Tax Rule. 

Has any of you ever had to handle a similar problem?
Do you know extensions that could facilitate this implementation?


Thank you very much