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Convert currency at checkout - 2.1.3 CE


Convert currency at checkout - 2.1.3 CE



I am have 2.1.3 CE multi store view website. Each store has few currencies defined (USD amongts), where AED is the base one for both store views.


For the checkout process I am using One Step Checkout. I am looking for a way to intercept checkout process in the case where payment option is credit card, and active currency is not AED. At the moment when user click on checkout, any currency which is not the default one should be converted to USD, and as such then sent to payment gateway.


How achieveable is this? This is a super urgent task to solve, since my employers really don't like to loose orders or money or double currency conversion.






Re: Convert currency at checkout - 2.1.3 CE

By default magento not provide this functionality, You need to customization for it or you can get readymade mafento 2 extension from below link,
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Re: Convert currency at checkout - 2.1.3 CE

Hi @Rakesh Jesadiya,


Thanks for the reply, but I need something a bit different. This extension checks out with the display currency, and I need to convert any display currency, which is not the default one, to USD before sending to payment gateway. And I already have One Step Checkout active.


Ideal solution would be to modify existing setup, and not to introduce new things.