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Create Order without Stock Quote etc.

Create Order without Stock Quote etc.


I have to write an connector and somehow import orders from a third party system into our system.

I want to just create an order, without stock management and payment authorization.

Is this somehow possible?
All examples I can find are using Quote and Cart functions.


Re: Create Order without Stock Quote etc.

Hello @Crtl,


If you wish to preserve all order details and to have them at disposal when producing your reports, it’s better to use an extension to migrate Orders between third-party platforms and Magento.


For instance, you can try our Magento Orders Export / Import extension


It allows you to export and import Orders, Order Addresses, Order Payments, Order Payment Transactions, Order Status History, Invoices, Invoice Comments, Invoice Items, Shipments, Shipment Comments, Shipped Items, Shipments Tracking, Credit Memos, Credit Memo Comments, Credit Memo Items, Checkout fields.


Besides, it supports a variety of formats (.csv, .xml) and allows you to choose which fields to export/import. The .xml format is recommended as it is native to Magento.


You can find CSV and XML order import examples with descriptions at


The mandatory fields for order import are the two fields listed below:

increment_id (Order ID)

store_code (this info can be found at System > Manage Stores)


Here is a link to the demo, if you'd like to take a look.


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