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Custom ACH Payment Method (Not Posting)

Custom ACH Payment Method (Not Posting)

I'm 3/4 of the way done programming a custom payment method using eCheck's and I'm gotten to the point of writing the /Model/PaymentMethod.php class to do the actual transaction. However, everything I've done leaves me with either "An Error Occurred, please try placing your order again." Or, broken checkout all together. 


What would need to go in to my PaymentMethod.php to allow me to post the transaction to their API and based on the response save the order? I've basically built a custom checkout for with Bank, Check_Number, Routing_Number, and Account_Number, but I'm stuck at the actual request/response using the Model. There isn't a single tutorial I've found that actually works using eCheck or ACH. Most that I've installed are actually credit card gateways instead. 


Oh, if it matters, the platform is CE 2.1 on a LAMP server.

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Re: Custom ACH Payment Method (Not Posting)

This is a simple mind map of what I have so far.


Re: Custom ACH Payment Method (Not Posting)

Figured out my problems,. 


1) I named my processing function wrong, should have used "authorize"

2) Added an assignData function to set my additional form values 

3) Now, I'm able to post ACH eCheck payments to my gateway.