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Custom Payment Module supporting multi-shipping

Custom Payment Module supporting multi-shipping

Hi guys,


I am working on a custom payment module and I want it to support multi-shipping. Currently I have developed one that works fine, using direct server integration (i.e. the customers are not redirected to some hosted page on the gateway server, a credit card form is displayed on Magento to collect information instead). 


But now I need insights on how to make it work with payment gateways that are using hosted pages. I guess I would have to calculate a lump sum for all shipping addresses, and pass this amount to the payment gateway. But then how could I identify and update these orders when the system receives responses from the notify or return callback from the gateway? So far I could not find any similar references. 


Re: Custom Payment Module supporting multi-shipping

Hi @motivepower 


First of all, you have to see for the payment gateway provider features. What payment gateway are you planning to integrate with?


As you may notice, multi-shipping checkout created an order per shipping address, ending up with multiple orders in the system. You could think in terms of creating a parent virtual order and link child (real) orders created by the multi-checkout. All payment transactions should look into virtual/parent order in order to have the required information. But this can lead to a very complex solution/customization for supporting Hosted Payment Page.