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Custom bundle product

Custom bundle product


I'm new to Magento and I'm trying to ask for specific information in this forum.

I need to have a custom bundle product (consisting of 3 options) with these indications:

- in a single option you can select multiple options (multiple selection) and indicate the amount of the single choice
- the quantities of options 2 and 3 are related to the quantity number entered in option 1

For example:

Option1, Option2 and Option3 there are three choices each.
In option 1 i choose the first and the second with the quantity at 2 and 2.
Then moving to the second option gives me an error until there is a total amount of 4 (linked to the first option) and I make the selections that I want by entering a total quantity that coincides with the first option.
For the third option the same thing as the second option.

I'm using Magento ver. 2.1.8 and I found the "User Defined" option checked with the Input Type checkbox does not allow the user to enter a custom amount.
It would be perfect that multiple selection would work within the option and you could select the amount of each single choice made.

I hope I have explained about what I should do, so I ask: Magento lets you default to do this? (it would seem no)
is there any form that can do to my case?
or is it possible to develop it from code?


Re: Custom bundle product

I'm not sure that this could be done out of the box. In terms of achieving that functionality, I would consider looking at grouped products and customising the display on the frontend to group options together and add dependencies based on your own logic. 

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