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Customer Login By zipcode

Customer Login By zipcode

Dear team,

My requirement as Customer can be login using their zipcode. Is it possible? There is any extension is there?


If we want to customize the code means how to achieve this? 

I am used magento 2.x version. Can you please any one support to me. 



Re: Customer Login By zipcode

If Zipcode is unique per customer at that time, Your customer can be login using zip code. Because I think its not proper way to log in using zipcode because one Zipcode has many customers and how to define for those customer using Zipcode. It is not a valid scenario.


If Only one zipcode per customer at that time you need to customize core file,



In above file You have to override first and then customize based on zip code. You must assigned zip code at a time of registration so customer contains zip code and its unique one.


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