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Customizing templates


Customizing templates

Hello All,

I'm new on Magento, I'm following this tutorial to customize the shopping cart.


On the tutorial, they point to this address so I grabbed the cart HTML(content.html) and changed it in the way that I need.


If I do what I have explained, everything is working but I have the following question.


I can't find the file on my Magento installation folder, the path doesn't exist.. the is no "Code" folder inside the "app" folder.... Am I doing something wrong? on the tutorial is not clear If I should have the files, copy them to my theme folder and change them or If I should copy from the repository to my theme folder and change them




Re: Customizing templates

You can find your cntent.html file at below location,

Just go to Vendor folder in the root of your magento instance,

The full path is,

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