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Delta across 2 different magento installations

Delta across 2 different magento installations

Hello!!  We are looking for a way to list the differences between two separate Magento 2 installations.  Once the differences are identified we would like to be able to apply these differences to the other sites.


The idea is to have a Magento 2 site (site 1) that we can use to add or modify products (without doing it directly into productions).  We would like to compare that site (site 1) against another Magento 2 site (site 2) that would contain the last updated production images and list all the modifications that were done to site 1.  Once those differences are isolated, we would like to apply them to the production site.


I looked at Talend but my understanding is that i would need to pull everything via API and i think it would take a considerable amount of time processing all the information.  I thought maybe someone know a tool that could be able to do such a change capture through mysql for example (or any other way).


Any comments are welcomed!!


Thanks for your time