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Difference between Widget and Block

Difference between Widget and Block

Hi Folks,


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What is the Difference between Widget and Block. when should I use Block and when should I use Widget ?




Re: Difference between Widget and Block

Re: Difference between Widget and Block

Hi @magento_sage1


Well , AKAIK both are almost/ Near to same but still there is slender  difference between both which i have mention below : 


Widget -  As a concept, a widget is a unique key (widget type) that maps to some code, and a set of parameters used by that code.


Static Blocks -  A static block is actually some text that can contain other elements (like widgets).


The difference between them from Magento's point of view is that you can place different widgets in different sections of different pages using the backend UI.


The static blocks can only be placed in fewer page types and sections.


For More details you can refer this link for the same -



Hope it helps !

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