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Different product views per product


Different product views per product

Not sure if this is the right sub-form. Feel free to move if incorrect.


I will try to describe the problem here:

I have made a Magento (2.2 currently) plugin. The plugins goal is to replace the image of the product with a canvas (on the product detail page).

Currently the plugin works great, canvas shows up and all. Except there is one issue: this happens for all the products in the store.

Is it possible to switch layouts based on product? I have a custom EAV which adds the URL to the product based on this URL the canvas is loaded with content. When the URL is not filled it should load the default (normal images)


Thanks for reading!


Re: Different product views per product

In the mean time I've added a bounty to my question. Apparently people want to get internet points since I have received two answers.


For people who might want to achieve the same: