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Display List Price in invoices

Display List Price in invoices


I need to provide catalog wide discount for different Customer Groups. this is simply done using Catalog price Rules and I have created multiple groups, each with their own Discount. 

Problem: List price is not displayed in Invoice only discounted price shown . i like to add list price to the invoice as well . how can i go about this ( in baby steps if possible ). 




Re: Display List Price in invoices

Hello @tonysar,


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The default Magento does not provide this functionality. But you can add this programmatically. 

Here is the reference for you.


I hope this will help you to resolve your query.

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Re: Display List Price in invoices

Magento doesn't save special prices for sales orders and sales models.
So you cannot get a special price to invoice.

Magento, sales item price has been calculated on the final price and the final price has been save on sales_flat_order_item not saving product price

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Re: Display List Price in invoices

If you want to customise/edit the order invoice you can follow the mention link here .