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ERP - API Integration

ERP - API Integration



Im trying to connect Magento 2.2.6 CE with API which my ERP provider has given me. The trouble is i just cant figure it out how to put/connect it all together. They gave me short manual, but i dont know how to actually connect it with magento. 

They gave me username na password, and connection url:


Do i put this link,username and password in Magento backend under integrations?

Also another instruction in manual is that all the info to base is in this link:




Also i got another call example how i export products into magento , using this code:




Call function has to be in UTF-8 format, ContentType is application/JSON


Basically i dont know what to put where Smiley Sad . If someone can point me in the right directions.


Thank you!




Re: ERP - API Integration

Hi @zvonc123


I understand your concern !


Well if your ERP system team has given you the API - then in Magento you required to call those API using custom module !


You will required to create a custom module and based on the each event you need to call ERP system API.


Let's say customer place any order then you required to use - sales_order_place_after event - and in this event observer you will required to put your create order in ERP system API code - and call the API for the same.


Regarding credentials - you can not place those ERP api credentials in the Integrations section of magento,


Integrations section is used for create API credentials of Magento - so if you want to place ERP api credentials then you required to create a custom module and using system.xml file you need to add those credentials in configuration section and then when you required those credentials you can easily access using magento 's scopeConfig value.


Hope it helps !

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