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Entering commands


Entering commands


after searching for days in the internet, one stupid(?) question: for re-indexing in magento 2 I have to enter commands, e.g.


php magento indexer:reindex


But where do I enter these commands (working on windows 10, xampp; website on localhost).

Thanks a lot



Re: Entering commands

Hi @helmut999


You have to setup php as environment variable.


Go to Control Panel > System>Advanced System Settings>Environment Variables

Click new

Variable name : path
Variable value : C:\xampp\php;

Click ok


Now you have to go to your Magento root directory, then run following command.


C:\xampp\htdocs\magento2 > php magento indexer:reindex


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Re: Entering commands


Navigate to the Magento root directory and use the following command 

1. go inside the bin directory

cd bin

2. for indexer use the following command

php magento indexer:reindex


for cleaning cache:

php magento cache:clean 


for compile:

php magento setup:di:compile


for setup upgrade:

php magento setup:upgrade

Re: Entering commands

Hi Muk,


have done changes in system and then entered the command 'php magento indexer:reindex' in command prompt in the root directory. Message: php is not recognized as an internal or external command.

Re: Entering commands

Hi Muk,

is working now. In environment setting used the wrong window. And in the directory had to switch to cd bin

Thanks a lot.


Re: Entering commands


Thank you very much. Together with Muk's advice (changing settings in system) it is working.