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Error while fetching a request token using postman

Error while fetching a request token using postman

A request token is a temporary token that the user exchanges for an access token. I am unable to generate a request token using Postman for Adobe Commerce using Consumer Key and Consumer Secret which I generated from the admin site.

  • Method used: POST
  • URL used: baseURL/oauth/token/request

I have provided all the request parameters in the Authorization header mentioned in this document Still I am not getting the expected oauth_token=4cqw0r7v*******xwr0h&oauth_token_secret=rig3x3j*******rr in the response.

The response I am getting is oauth_problem=%22oauth_consumer_key%22+is+required.+Enter+and+try+again%2C+%22oauth_signature%22+is+required.+Enter+and+try+again%2C+%22oauth_signature_method%22+is+required.+Enter+and+try+again%2C+%22oauth_nonce%22+is+required.+Enter+and+try+again%2C+%22oauth_timestamp%22+is+required.+Enter+and+try+again. However, I have tried putting the Consumer secret also though according to the API Doc it is not mandatory. The response I got, in this case, is oauth_problem=Consumer+key+has+expired.

I have used the Signature method HMAC-SHA1 and HMAC-SHA256, but the responses are still the same.
I have tried deleting all the existing oauth token and generating again but still the same error comes.