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Estimate Shipping and Tax


Estimate Shipping and Tax

I'm working on Magento 2.2.3


I added the city field in the "Estimate Shipping and Tax" part.

By default, the others field (Country, State and Zip/Postal Code) have the value of the default shipping address of the customer.

Do you know how I can add the value of the city too?


Re: Estimate Shipping and Tax



you need to edit below file




where you can find 

 estimatedAddress = address.isEditable() ?
                            addressConverter.quoteAddressToFormAddressData(address) :
                                // only the following fields must be used by estimation form data provider
                                'country_id': address.countryId,
                                region: address.region,
                                'region_id': address.regionId,
                                postcode: address.postcode

Same way you can edit your city field.


If it will help you then mark as solution.