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Exporting orders - Edit the product data

Exporting orders - Edit the product data

I need to export my orders directly into Quickbooks Desktop so I've been looking at Teapplix, which uses a Magento login, SOAP, and QB Web Connector.  


My issue is that my products on the website have many custom attributes, which result in many SKU's depending on what they select.  I need to be able to write conditions to look at the products on an order and return with many SKU's, depending on the options they select.


For example, website product sku WIDGET1 is made up of 3 components that can be a choice of 10 colors.  Instead of importing the sku WIDGET1, I need to loop through and get the SKU of the 3 components (which I can hard-code). 


It's actually more complex than that but if someone can point me to which file to edit, that will help a ton.