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FME Layaway not updating total

FME Layaway not updating total

We have the FME Layaway extension in our Magento 2.4.6 installation and it will not update the order total or layaway remaining. We have reached out to their support team for over a week with no reply.


The extension worked fine in our 2.2.3 environment. So we purchased the latest extension from FME and now can't get it to work correctly.


The orders show all of the installment payments associated with the original order but the totals don't update. Running in debug mode and nothing in the logs about any failure. The sales_order table entries all look the same. 


Anyone else have this issue and get it resolved or troubleshoot?



Re: FME Layaway not updating total

See code snippet in events.xml


<event name="sales_order_invoice_save_after">
<observer name="installment_paid" instance="FME\Layaway\Observer\InstallmentPaidAfter" />


The class FME\Layaway\Observer\InstallmentPaidAfter was not firing when a new order was created. We found the events.xml was in the frontend directory and not etc. Moved it to etc and it started working.