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Front end password

Front end password



Is it possible to protect Magento 2 frontend with a password.

(so, a password is required to enter the shop)


hope to hear 


best reg. Jeroen



Re: Front end password

How much of the site do you want to protect? The whole site including the home page?  Or do you want some pages visible and some pages not?  Can users self register?  More common is to have "checkout only possible with registered users".


Can you do it? Yes. You have full access to the code, even if you end up adjusting "index.php" in the root directory to intercept all calls to send them off to a login page.


Is there a single checkbox just to flip? No, I don't think so - not for the whole site. That would require code to be added.


But do you want to protect images as well? JavaScript files?  Are they desirable, mandatory, etc.

Re: Front end password



Thanks for your reaction!

I am a absolute beginner still in the practice stadium. (I have everything still learning :-(

I like to hide the whole shop for everyone except myself.

I was hoping there was a extension that blocked everyone but myself :-)


hope there is a (simple :-) solution 


best reg.   Jeroen



Re: Front end password

Just throwing up another option, is it just for development? Why not build on your desktop/laptop so no-one else can possibly have network access?


I am not an Apache config expert sorry, but suggested reading is - that is, do some form of web server level auth (nothing to do with Magento) sitting in front of the web site.


Re: Front end password


very good suggestion!

I will try to do this

(also found a MAMP solution)