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How many customer address can be added?

How many customer address can be added?

Hi All


I was looking for solution to my problem.

We are using Magento 2.2.3 version and one of our customer facing problem when he logged in, His not able to purchase due session destroying every time he refresh page or going on next page.


As I found error {"message":"No such entity with customerId = "} in browser console on url .

I try to edit customer information from admin panel where ever time I got error about State/Province. "State/Province" length must be equal or less than 20 characters."


We are facing this issue for only 1 customer, there is no problem with other customer.

Some notes on customer.

1. This customer has 11 addresses in address book.

2. This customer was able to place order suddenly facing this issue now.


Any hints, guidelines are appreciated