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How sitemap cronjob works in Magento 2?

How sitemap cronjob works in Magento 2?

Hello the community!

I got some questions about cronjob system in Magento 2.


I'm currently working on a Magento 2.1.2 version and I'm facing an issue about Sitemap cronjob generation. It's simple Sitemap aren't update with cronjob.


1. Job format

Looking on the job declaration, I noticed that the job doesn't have schedule:

<job name="sitemap_generate" instance="Magento\Sitemap\Model\Observer" method="scheduledGenerateSitemaps" />


So, is it supposed to work anyway? What is the default schedule used?


2. Sitemap Start Time option

Under Store > Configuration > Catalog > XML Sitemap > Generation Settings, I can choose the Start Time.

I can see the cron expression on Core_config_data table under "crontab/default/jobs/sitemap_generate/schedule/cron_expr" path, but can't find any use in Magento source files. 


There is something similar on the Sitemap Observer Model (app/code/magento/Sitemap/Model/Observer.php):


* Cronjob expression configuration
const XML_PATH_CRON_EXPR = 'crontab/default/jobs/generate_sitemaps/schedule/cron_expr';

It's "generate_sitemaps" instead of "sitemap_generate" but again the XML_PATH_CRON_EXPR constant is never used.


Is this feature really working?


To test, I added schedule to the job in crontab.xml and the job start to work...


I am missing something?


Thank you,


ps: Yes I generated my sitemaps under Marketing > Site Map and added cron:run on the server crontab.



Re: How sitemap cronjob works in Magento 2?


Hey, I got the same issue, also I have ran manually the cron job task via cli using below command but didn't work.

bin/magento cron:run --group generate_sitemaps
bin/magento cron:run --group sitemap_generate


I tought the issue was related with my server time, I can't get it work properly.




Re: How sitemap cronjob works in Magento 2?

It’s normal that it didn’t work, because the job group is "default". "sitemap_generate" is its name.