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I have question!!

I have question!!

Hello there,

I'm looking for an observer event relevant to customer_save_after in Magento 1.x. This event should be global events for a better world.


At this moment I have to hook into 2 events: adminhtml_customer_save_afterand customer_register_success

I'm now considering to switch to customer_save_after_data_object, but I'm not sure that is a correct way to do this.


Please give me your advise, suggestions. Any help would be appreciated



Re: I have question!!

From Magento 2, customer_save_after event will be wiped out. So you can use relevant event for same as magento1,


customer_save_after_data_object is used for your case in magento 2.


'customer_save_after_data_object' event is expected to be dispatched when customer save is invoked.


You can use above event for your case.

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Re: I have question!!