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Image cache

Image cache

Hello to all, i have a problem with the img cache of magento. 

So i have a lot of product with a lot of image, when i change 1 img, still the img remain the same, to fix this i have to go on the server, delete the cached img and flush the cache. 


there is a way to avoid it and when i publish an image appear correctly on the product?


thanks to all


Re: Image cache

after image update on product, you need to flush
Flush Catalog Images Cache and full_page cache and from admin

the button to flush the Flush Catalog Images Cache is at bottom of the cache management screen. 

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 11.43.24 AM.png

NOTE: you also need to flush any CDN Cache if you have configured any. 


kindly accept as a solution if this works for you and give Kudos Smiley Happy 

Re: Image cache

but this command how much time will take? it will update all the image or just the updated ones?

Re: Image cache

Was looking for advice, thanks!