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Integration with our POS software

Integration with our POS software

First toe in the water here.


We are the producers of a Windows POS software (NeoPOS) which uses a Postgre database.

It has now come to the point where we are getting many requests to link it to Magento.

My questions:

Does anyone have any experience with this? Does something already exist to achieve this (a connector maybe)?

We don't want to re-invert the wheel so we want to know where to start.

Can we install mySQL on a local computer then connect to a remote Magento database? (this would make it easy enough)


We may be interested in employing someone to do this for us on the basis that they would receive a commission on each installation we do? Anyone out there?


We are very experienced program developers , in the Windows environment, and have basic knowledge of XML/CSS but we don't want to do massive development effort when there is probably a relatively easy way to do what we want.


TIA for any help on this.









Re: Integration with our POS software

Re: Integration with our POS software

Thanks a lot.