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Inventory Management

Inventory Management

With Magento 2.3 it appears inventory management has changed.


I have "Decrease Stock When Order is Placed" set to 'Yes' which apparently now does absolutely nothing. Magento is only decreasing the stock when a shipment is created, it does nothing with stock when an order is placed. 


This is causing HUGE problems... we don't have a system where shipments are instantaneously created when an order is submitted. If we have an item with a quantity of 25 which isn't updated until the warehouse performs the pick tasks and creates the shipment... there's nothing to prevent selling 30 of them. 


Has anyone figured out a way to revert it back to respecting 'Decrease Stock When Order is Placed' and stop it from decreasing stock on a shipment being created?


Trying to manage inventory based on what you've shipped instead of what you have sold seems like extremely flawed logic to me... 




Re: Inventory Management

Figured out how to make this work... wish there was a way to turn this new functionality off. It's a complete pain when you have an ERP updating your Magento instance. 

Re: Inventory Management

Hello @jcroxfordv 


That concept came from 2.3 launches with MSI (multi-source inventory) concept.

Glad you figured out to resolve your concern.

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Re: Inventory Management

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Re: Inventory Management

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