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Is there a way to get price information from other sites?

Is there a way to get price information from other sites?

I'm going to create a store where people that don't have it big on funds can purchase items with 0.0% Interest. (First 3 Months and after paying without problems they can go over to 6/9 and 12 months)
But I want to give this financing options to items in other web shops. Like Mediamarkt, and that the price information gets to my site once a day or so. This way it will be a store without items and people can choose a store nearby as there service point for questions.
Is there any way to do this on multiple sites?

Also that it adds a certain % to all the fetched items. Like 2/4% (We need to make profit in one way)

It's on a home server with the following specs:
3.2GHZ Octa Core
16GB 1600MHZ
500 MBs Upload+Download
250GB Samsung SSD


Just to be clear:
They can buy items and pay it in 3 months with 0% Interest
If they pay without problems and get a good credit with us.
They can go to 6,9 and 12 months.

Which makes the other question.
Is there a way to give costumers something like memberships cards. (Virtual)