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Layered Navigation - Keep filters available

Layered Navigation - Keep filters available



I wonder if someone can help me, I am trying to use Layered Navigation to filter products on our site.  All is working fine, however we would like to have the options which are selected stay within the list of available filters and not clear the options available.


The user would then select another filter if they wish to change the products list (this is not a multi select functionality, just that the user would not have to remove a previous filter or refresh the page).


Thank you in advance.


Re: Layered Navigation - Keep filters available

Hi @lexiconnect,


You've described the default behavior of Magento's layered navigation.
If you want to change that you have 2 options:

  1. Customize.
  2. Use a 3rd-party module (there are paid options for sure)

The out-of-the-box layered navigation won't allow you to maintain options for an attribute if you have 1 option already selected.

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