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List Sub Categories Magento 2

List Sub Categories Magento 2

I am new to magen 2.15 and struggling with this task basically i want to have Category navigation - so instead of going to the product pages user can navigate using the category images and subcategories shown in a grid and also shows the left navigation on same page and then get to the product listing

I have read some posts here and there is also a module however i don't know how to install and use it on our custom theme.

this is link to the module

I have looked for guides but there are mostly for Magen 1 but the explain step by step anything i have found for Magen 2 doesn't.

It's a very common requirement on any eCommerce site and all have it. Also i need this to be loading automatically as we have hundreds of categories and subcategories.

Any help will be most appreciated Kind Regards


Re: List Sub Categories Magento 2

You can find a number of extensions for displaying Subcategories on Category pages on Magento Marketplace like the one below. 

Re: List Sub Categories Magento 2

Re: List Sub Categories Magento 2

This sounds really simple but I've been trying for way too long now. All I want to do is output the text of a category and output the text of a subcategory on the Product page... something like this:

"Glassware", "Wine Glass"




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