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Load all images on configurable products

Load all images on configurable products

Hello there, I've a question for the magento2 masterminds... I'm trying to load a product through the REST API (Using url: /V1/products). My problem is that I have two stores and want to be able to load products to either both stores, only Store1 or only Store2.

The thing is that Magento needs a default store, so assuming that Store1 is my default store and I load a product to Store2 (specifying the 'website_ids' on the JSON file to ONLY the ID of the Store2). When I execute the script and reload the catalog, the products are loaded on Store1 aswell.


Is there any way to not have the default store configured? If not, what is the magento way to do this? What am I missing?


Thanks in advance.





Re: Load all images on configurable products

Hi @la_madrilena,


I'm not sure if this will solve your current problem but you can send requests passing the sotre code. Something like:


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Re: Load all images on configurable products

I am not find the mentionated endpoint in the official decumentation, anyway trying send the request but it gave me an error that the route does not exist.


Anyway thank you very much