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'Mage_Widget_Block_Interface' for M2


'Mage_Widget_Block_Interface' for M2

The creator of my template is refusing support, so I'm left to find answers on my own. Some of the XML files had legacy (M1) code in it that I'm trying to get working. Right now it's killing my compiling.


This particular class 

class Field_Base_Block_Widget_Twitter extends \Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template implements Mage_Widget_Block_Interface

is causing a segmentation fault. 


PHP Fatal error:  Interface 'Mage_Widget_Block_Interface' not found in /html/app/code/Field/BaseWidget/Block/Widget/Twitter.php on line 2
Segmentation fault

What do I need to get this fault corrected?


Re: 'Mage_Widget_Block_Interface' for M2



please check below code


class Field_Base_Block_Widget_Twitter extends \Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template implements \Magento\Widget\Block\BlockInterface

If solution right then mark as solution.

Re: 'Mage_Widget_Block_Interface' for M2

It sure does! Thanks.


Now on to fixing the next errors I'm finding Smiley Sad

Re: 'Mage_Widget_Block_Interface' for M2



@AmagArtwork thanks

let me know if you have any problem